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Isaac Starkman is an astrologer and data collector living in Tel Aviv, Israel.

He says about himself: When started to learn astrology in May 1974 I soon came to the conclusion that the most important thing is to find out the correct birth time. For 11 years I tested every system that I have found in books and journals. I was quite disappointed as none of the systems gave me the results I was looking for: small orbs and appropriate symbolism. In 1985 I started to test Primary Directions in Topocentric system using Alexander Marr's program and immediately saw the immense value of this system. In 1993 I collaborated with Alexander Marr in writing the book "Astrologers, Kings, Politicians and others" Part II. In 1995 I wrote my automated rectification program Polaris. Since then I'm rectifying mainly charts of famous people, so far 2000+ charts. Over the years 1996-2005 I published some articles in Gillman's journal Considerations as well as in some other journals. Besides specializing in rectification using Alexander Marr's techniques, I'm an enthusiastic user of heliocentric positions following the method of T. Patrick Davis. I'm ardent collector of charts, but more "hunter" after events of famous persons.

His (Windows based) software Polaris can be ordered from him via email to

Isaac has frequently contributed corrections to Astro-Databank entries and is active as editor of Astro-Databank since July 2012.